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Soap making is my favorite hobby, my passion and my business!  You could say that soap making runs in my blood as I am a fourth-generation Williamson County, Texas soap maker of Swedish descent. 

So just what is the big deal about handcrafted soap? To begin with, real soap is a much better, more natural product to use on your skin. Most commercial 'soaps' that you can purchase at your local store are actually detergent bars made with synthetic ingredients. Real soap is a product that consists of approximately 3 parts soap and 1 part glycerin, which is moisturizing to the skin. It is a difference you can feel!  To read more about how I got into soapmaking, click on the link, My Story, on the menu bar to the left.

Try my handcrafted soaps and you'll never go back to store-bought again!

Original Country Soaper Photo, 2003


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